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Block Busters – Released for Iphone by Brethren Entertainment

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Blockbusters is a unique and addictive puzzle game utilizing full 3d graphics and physics simulation. Blockbusters will keep you busy for hours trying to beat your high score..Destroy all the colored blocks in the level with the tap of a finger, but don’t let the red gem fall onto the platform or off into space. Black blocks are indestructible. There are different solutions to the same puzzle, so don’t hesitate to be creative!


This is going to have me busy.. and kids too when they borrow my iPhone!

blockbusters Iphone Game


Wanna play a demo? Demo here


Or just bypass the Demo and get it from here..yeah Click Here

I DIG IT – Released for iPhone by In Motion Software

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Farmer Lewis has dug himself a hole – financially. To get himself out of it he has converted an old bulldozer into a high tech digging machine. Help him out by digging underground to collect items ranging from junk to the rarest of gems in order to raise some money to save the farm.

Lets see Farmer Lewis at work!

i-dig-it-ipone-game I-dig-it-Iphone

So if you think you want to Help Farmer Lewis run on over to the Apple store and grab it up!!!