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What’s a Blog to Do?

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Wow, my first blog post! What to say and where to start? Well, let’s start by defining what we hope to be offering you, our avid readers…


ChristianGaming has always been talking about gaming from a Christian perspective. This is just one more aspect of what we like to do…gab about our favorite subject…games.


We will be presenting some regular and some not so regular blogs. They will cover topics of a wide range and the authors are pretty much free to say what they want…well, so long as it relates to what this site is all about.  I can’t speak for the others, but here’s what I plan to do.


I’ll be pontificating about the theory and the meaning behind “Christian” gaming.  Here are some of the topics I’m currently contemplating.


  • Is It Possible for a Game to Be a Christian (Explorations into Game Heresy)?”  Believe it or not, there was a fairly recent Gammasutra article that tried to prove that you can’t have a Christian game. I happen to disagree and want to put it on the record.
  • What Makes a Christian Game, Well, Christian?” Blogs are supposed to be short, so this is part II of the topic above.
  • Grand Theft Devotion: What’s Taboo for Christian Developers?” What genres should Christians developers avoid?  Is there such a thing as a game that can’t be Christian (this presumes, of course, that I successfully show that you can have a Christian game)?
  • Introducing, Halo: The First Person Intrcessory Shooter aka Copy-Cat game development?” There’s a lot of copy cat type game development out there…in fact it’s the majority of game development in general.  What about the Christian game developers. What level of innovation is out there and what should we be shooting for?
  • Christian Game Genre or Niche?”  Some thoughts on what a Christian genre game might look like.  Perhaps we’re just a niche market.


As promised, these topics revolve around the theory of Christian gaming. I don’t plan to blog about a new game, or a new developer except as an illustration of a point I want to make.  That’s why I mentioned pontificating early in this blog.  I’m stating my opinions: raw, pushy and hopefully with a bit of humor.


I expect people to disagree and sometimes vehemently, but I hope to create discussion around these topics with the lofty goal of trying to push the theory behind Christian gaming forward.  You can bet that this has been going on already and even Gammasutra, a respected trade journal, got into the act (which I plan to cover in the blog, “Is It Possible for a Game to Be a Christian (Explorations into Pixel Salvation)?“).


So, those are some of the topics that are rattling around in my brain.  Let me know what you think. Tell me I’m off my rocker or, better yet, suggest some other topic ideas.