The Staff

Eric Slick , Founder (

The impetus behind Project X and this site, Eric has been an avid gamer for most of his life.  As a youth he’d spend many hours designing and creating new games to play.  He earned a BA and an MA from Oral Roberts University in Theology which proved to be the exact right course of action to break into the gaming industry (12 years later).  After college, he worked in the ministry, teaching school, serving as Minister of Education, running a Christian School and Preschool and later owned and operated a Christian bookstore, printing business and newspaper.

During that time, he found out about DragonRaid, a thoroughly Christian roleplaying game that he used very effectively in scripture memorization with his students and with the youth at his church.  This re-kindled his interest in developing games, particularly Christian games.  Selling one game to a computer magazine, STart, encouraged Eric to try and write other programs but that effort failed when the realities of feeding a family of seven forced him to pursue a steadier source of income.

During one venture into the world of retail business, he found out about an online game called GemStone III.  Curious, he started playing the game and soon was writing a “clone” in an effort to understand how such a game was coded.  As it turned out, Simutronics (the creator of GemStone III) was hiring people to help with their online games.  Eric applied and was hired.

Within a year, he had moved to working on Simutronic’s latest game, DragonRealms, eventually becoming its Product Manager, directing its development. After DragonRealms, Eric was tapped to be the Producer of Hero’s Journey ( and then more recently was promoted to Director of Development and Technology. The years at Simutronics have proved very valuable and has put Eric in a position where he is better able to pursue his dream of creating a Christian game.  Thus, Christian Gaming and Project “X” was formed to see if such a dream could become a reality.

After about three years of active development, and a variety of hardware disasters, Eric shifted his focus to family and work which consumed his time for several years. During that time, floundered as a news and review site, but kept a presence with its forums because of the dedicated work of volunteers who believe in the mission of


Tim Wright , Staff

Long Time Staff member of Christian Gaming(com) and generally just a website hobbyist.  More of a Gamer then a programmer.