What We are Trying to Do

Note:   The ChristianGaming staff <snicker> is solely responsible for the content on this site.  The views of each game reviewer is their own and does not necessarily reflect the views of ChristianGaming or its staff.

What We are Trying to Do

    • We are trying to create a comprehensive site dedicated to promoting Christian gaming.
    • We are trying to be a place where Christians can go to get information about online, computer and console games which are of interest to Christians.

What We Believe

Every Christian site has one but we aren’t so vain as to think we can get a statement of belief perfectly right.  I’m sure we’d offend any number of Christians (Duh!) so you won’t find a comprehensive list detailing exactly what we believe.  So, instead of trying to re-state what others have stated so well and who are better qualified than us to state it, we have decided to link to sites which explain Christian Doctrine much better than we could.   Now, we haven’t actually checked every detail of everything doctrinal on these sites so we might not agree with everything they say (Heck, anyone who’s found two Christians that agreed on everything is in heaven) but we like them just the same.  Since our trip to heaven is likely a ways off, we’ll just have to settle for the best of what’s available. 

  • www.carm.org.  Click on the doctrines link which is especially good.  Easy site to navigate and chocked full of stuff on what to believe and why.  This is our preferred site since we don’t have to work hard or buy lots of stuff to find things out.
  • www.equip.org.  Reformed slant to everything but we forgive them anyway even though it was rather hard to find their statement of faith through all the marketing (we gave up after dead ending at so many things for sale).  But we’re sure it’s there someplace.  You might be able to find it.  Hey, don’t get uptight!  We’re just kidding!  Click on the resources link.  If you find something there that offends you, well, they wrote it!  Didn’t we already say we might not agree with everything on these sites?  Nevertheless this is a pretty good site for finding lots of books to buy to find out what to believe.  There’s even a link to get free articles if you’re willing to supply your name and email.
  • www.answers.org  Wow, we liked this one because of all the links.  There’s got to be vast amounts of stuff to disagree with in here but probably lots of good stuff too.  Have at it!

Ok that’s it.  There’s many more sites we could list but you can find them through the ones above (Not sure if CRI has links to other sites since we couldn’t find any.  They probably know it all anyway). 
If this doesn’t satisfy you, email us at illbetyouarereallyacult@christiangaming.com. We’ll probably ignore it since we are trying to duck writing a formal statement of what it is we believe exactly.  But then, maybe we’ll do one after all if the complaints pile up high enough to swamp our site.  Besides, have you tried reading between the lines or noticed our peculiar use of the word, “everything”?  Try reading some of the words backwards for an additional surprise (gotta be rather creative on this one).  And if you don’t know what we mean, don’t write us asking ‘cuz we aren’t going to say.