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Redemption is a collectible card game that heavily uses Biblical imagery and takes its game play straight out of the pages of the Bible.  The object of the game is to rescue lost souls.  The first player to have rescued the required number of lost souls wins the game.

For those who may be new to this kind of card game, here's a brief explanation of what it's like.  Unlike the usual card games, you don't just buy one deck and have every card with which to play.  In a collectible card game you can continue to get new cards to add to your deck.  These cards add new play strategies, keeping the game play fresh.  

Usually, there are more cards than can be used in a single deck and so players must decide which cards they will use before beginning a game.  Often, players will build several different decks and switch between them during a night of playing.  Sound intriguing?  If so, then you're not alone.  This kind of card game has grown hugely popular in the last six years.

Redemption is the first Christian-themed card game in this new genre.  Since then a few others have appeared but none with the depth of game play Redemption offers.  One of the main reasons for this depth is that players play both sides of the conflict over the souls of mankind.  At the same time they are trying to rescue souls, they are trying to prevent other players from rescuing the souls held captive in their play area.

Off hand this might sound a bit "unchristian" but it's not.  The goal of the game remains the same and a proper balance is maintained between good and evil cards. Each is kept in their proper biblical perspective. The player is not encouraged to play evil.  Instead the focus of the game is consistently on strategies to win lost souls for Christ.  The fact that the player controls the "evil" cards simply improves game play dramatically.  There's nothing like a real person to challenge you, especially in a game where even the most powerful computers would have trouble keeping up.

I found nothing offensive about the way Redemption handled evil characters or their abilities.  They always related to biblical stories and situations.  In fact, I admire the folks who made Redemption for creating innovative game play while still remaining true to their Christian perspective.

Game mechanics are relatively straight forward for this kind of game.  Some effort needs to be put into understanding the game mechanics and how each card type interacts with other cards.  For instance, you can only play cards of a certain color (suit?) on Hero cards of the same color.  Some cards come with special instructions printed on them.  For instance, the "Elijah's Mantle" card says "All of holder's Hero cards gain 2/2 while this card is in play."  

The basic card set comes complete for two players to play the game.  For those new to collectible card games, this is the way to go at first.  For those who have experience playing other collectible card games, you will probably want to opt for getting a number of the newer cards which contain numerous enhancements and variations to the game.  

Unfortunately I have no experience playing with the new cards because of the single greatest drawback to this game.  It can be hard to find someone to play the game with.  In fact, if you are an experienced Redemption player and can write, consider writing up a review and submit it to us.  We just might replace this one with yours.

So, if you want to play the game, look around for someone else who wants to play the game as well.  If you find someone, or better yet, if you have a group that enjoys games, this is something you'll definitely want to try out.  The basic card game set is inexpensive and you can easily find out if the game will hold your interest or your group's.

Youth groups looking for a new, interesting and uplifting game, will want to check this game out as well.  Likely, a number of your youth will have played other collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering.  Do them a favor and introduce them to Redemption.

And speaking of other collectible card games, how does Redemption stack up against them?  Quite favorably, especially with the newer rules and cards.  What the early version of Redemption lacked was depth of game play compared to other collectible card games.  That has largely been addressed, and while I don't know if Redemption has equaled the game play of Magic the Gathering, I think it compares favorably.  I'd really know better if I could find someone to play with regularly! Anyone from St Louis out there?

The Redemption web site has lots of helpful information.  In addition there are several player web sites that offer even more information. What would be really neat is if they could develop an online version of Redemption.  Then I could really find someone else to play with.  I'm beginning to sound pitiful, aren't I?

Finally, the game is called a "collectible" card game for a reason.  One of the fun aspects of the game is collecting (or trying to) all the cards they've made for it.  I've got all the cards of all the expansions except for the last and I'm a bit leery to purchase those because....I can't find anyone to play with! <sound of a slap>.  Sorry about that.  I'll probably end up getting all the cards of the set because it has some really neat cards, gorgeous artwork and some interesting twists to game play and I'm sure that someday I'll find someone to play it with!  Someday!  Sigh.

Well, after all this, what's the final verdict?  We highly recommend Redemption.  It's a solid game that does nearly everything right.  The cards are interesting and beautiful.  The game play is varied and has sufficient depth even for hardened collectible card game players (how deep I'd really like to find out first hand).

You can purchase the game at your local Christian bookstore (if they don't have it on hand they can easily order it), at some collectible card shops/comic book stores (Call and ask first.  They can order as well if they don't have it in stock).  Or you can order it online at the Redemption web site.

Final Score

Highlights: Strong game play, excellent artwork, latest cards add some needed depth for hardened collectible card players.

Lowlights: It's made me whiney about not being able to find someone to play it with.

Recommendation: Buy it if the idea of playing it intrigues you. 

Age Appropriateness: Young teens through adults.

Christian Sense (CS): 4

Game Mechanics (GM): 4

Game Play (GP): 4 +-

Overall: 4