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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001

GMetalface Paper/Pencil RPG Avaiable

Metalface Game now Available from Eternal Tempest Productions

Are you ready for a soul-wrenching experience? To play Eternal Tempest Productions newest release, Metalface: The Operating System, you had better be. One hundred and fifty years into the future, society has developed the technology to allow humans to transfer their souls into robotic bodies called Metalface. These new breeds of metallic warriors, scientists and public servants face the challenge of being the latest technology in a post war world where corporate giants rule. Characters are pitted against human individuals, business organizations, and other metalface with the latest devices the future can provide. The game incorporates technology that advances humankind into a new era, stunning character abilities and all with the punch of comic book style good vs. evil story lines.

According to Rich Garner, Project Director for Metalface the game originally came about after he and co-designer, JaQuan Williams created of a CCG based on the Transformers universe, which is now being revamped to the Metalface world, expected to be released as Power Deck in 2002. The design group is entirely based on the web and most of the creative people involved have never met each other. After six years of development and playtesting the pen and paper role-playing game, the final result; the first source book for Metalface is now available to the public from Eternal Tempest Productions. ( )

The book boasts a unique character development system, a history of the metalface world, a variety of skills, weapons, characters and devices, along with missions to facilitate to ease the player into the game, all wrapped up in one easy to use format. Line and grayscale art adds visual interest to get the feel for this bright new world. Following the release of Metalface ETP will launch contests to design your own mission, device or even reward your character for greatness.

Metalface: The Operating System retails as an electronic download for instant access at at a cost of $12.50.

Kate Staron
Public Relations Office
Eternal tempest Productions


Friday, July 13th, 2001

GameBoy Advance

Joshua gives the GBA a once over and offers some insight on how advanced it really is. He also has a list of upcomming titles for the GBA for you to check out. Check it out here.

Friday, June 15th, 2001

Most Evil E3 Ever

Take a walk on the wild side and check out Eric's heroic news story on his visit to E3.


Monday, November 13th, 2000

"The Mission" New Collectible Card Game Announced!

From England comes a new collectible card game made by the English company, Ezekiel ltd.  The game will first be released in England.  Any American release depends on whether they can get a distributor here.  However, if you just can't wait, they creators promise a way to order the game but warn that it'll be a bit pricey.

Here's some quick information about the game...

It will be available in either boosters of 11 cards (1R 3U 7C) or four themed pre-constructed starter decks which will have different gifts, strategies and strongholds. One will be a pastoring deck (defensive) one an immature but highly evangelistic deck with intercessors and servants (fast and aggressive) one based on prophesy and a bit of teaching (slow but strong-wins by maturity) and the last a teaching deck with servants (a little more strategic, see below) These will have 2R 8U 50C as well as 6 maturity dice.

There are four deck types: Character, Stronghold, Mission based and Enemy decks.  The character and stronghold decks are separate from the draw pile and are used only at certain points in the game. Hands are drawn from the other two decks.  During one turn, one players draws a hand from the mission deck while his opponent draws from the enemy deck. During the next turn, the players switch roles and draw from the opposite card decks.  Whoever is currently the "mission" player attempts to win by building seven Christian characters or amassing sixteen spiritual maturity points.

For more complete information, check out their website here. Or to get just the "nitty gritty" on how it's played, click here.

Monday, November 13th, 2000

Multiverser Second Printing Not to be Announced

NEWCASTLE DE--Valdron Inc today decided not to announce the release of the second printing of its flagship game, Multiverser.

With all the press releases which come out every day in the role playing game industry, ours would just be lost in the shuffle, and probably nobody would read it anyway, said Vice President for Development M. J. Young. Besides, we're a bit embarrassed at how long it actually took to get back in print, with all the snags we hit along the way. But gamers have been waiting for this. They’ll know.

Mr. Young also indicated that the Multiverser website, at, would be updated to reflect the restored availability of the two-year-old game, and online retailer CCNow had already resumed taking credit card orders. This printing has a new perfect-bound’ cover, a few typos have been fixed, and the artwork was all remastered by the artists, who couldn’t resist adding a bit here and there to their original drawings.

In explaining the silence of the company in this matter, Art and PR Director Jim Denaxas said, People have been waiting for this new printing, and even without making an announcement we’ll probably be buried with credit card and mail orders over the next few weeks. Valdron President Christopher Jones added, We are also finally able to offer retailer and distributor discounts on quantity purchases, so more gamers will become aware of our existence as Multiverser begins appearing in game stores in their neighborhoods and through online bookstores such as The company is also pleased to note that The First Book of Worlds, long available only as a companion volume, is now available separately for those who want the worlds without the rules.

Asked about future releases, the small press company would say only that several products including the long-awaited Second Book of Worlds and the first Multiverser novel are very near completion, and that further details might or might not be announced soon.

Editor's Note:  Multiverser is not a Christian roleplaying system and wasn't specifically created with Christianity in mind.  However, one of the creators of the game is a Christian and of the various RPG systems out there you might find this one easier to adapt to a Christian world view.  If you are interested in a RPG system created for Christians, check out our Reviews page and look under the Paper/Pencil RPGs section.


Monday, October 16th, 2000

Redemption National Tournament 2000

It may not have been huge, but it was fun.  The relatively small size of the tournament (60+ participants) meant that everyone had a chance to meet, play with and talk to the people behind the scenes at Redemption and Cactus Games.   Such opportunities are rare enough these days.  If you missed out on getting to the Natioinal Tournament, click here to see some pictures and read all about it.


Wednesday, September 20th, 2000

DragonRaid Move

On Friday the 28th, I hopped on a plane for the first leg of my trip out to Denver. We were promptly delayed because of thunderstorms over Chicago. I had to run through the terminal to catch a connection, but I made it out to Denver. Marty Bartels was there waiting for me at the gate. He drove me around his neighborhood a bit, then up into the mountains and we had buffalo burgers at a theme restaurant. I met his wife, got a tour of his house, rabbit farm, and solar power system. He took me to a used bookstore run by New Agers, which could have been an interesting experience if I had talked to the tattooed guy behind the counter :-) 

Later in the day we met up with Scott Fields at a huge Mexican theme restaurant called Casa Bonita. It had cliff divers jumping into a pool of water, game rooms, dining areas designed as caves... Almost an ideal place for a DragonRaid convention some day. We 
had the first face-to-face meeting of the Adventure Committee over milkshakes and malts at a Dairy Queen. I stayed the night at Scott's house in Littleton.

Early Saturday morning we headed to Colorado Springs. Scott showed us the mega-church where he will soon be getting DragonRaid into the bookstore. We stopped at a park along the way to admire the view. We went to Dick Wulf's house whose backyard overlooks Pike's Peak (or the other way around), of course, most of Colorado Springs is in the shadow of Pike's Peak, and then we went out to breakfast at a popular buffet. We then chased the rental truck around town (the dealer had no idea where it was) then spent a few hours loading it with materials from the Smith barn. It was over 80 degrees and the air is a bit thinner there because of the altitude, so I got a good work-out.

After having a late lunch of grilled burgers in Dick's rec room, we went to the storage shed to pack games. The truck seemed overloaded, so I left a lot of stuff there. (Scott and Marty will be moving it all to Scott's two-car garage in the next few weeks.) We drove back to Colorado Springs, and I stayed the night at Scott's house again.

Sunday morning, I started my drive back. The truck seemed a bit overloaded, so it was slow going up some hills. It took a mile or so to get up to cruising speed. It was a new truck, but ran rough over any bumps or holes. And there was quite a bit of road construction all the way back. Narrow lanes did not help things, it was a bit nerve wracking at times.

In central Kansas, I saw a group of cows huddled under a McDonald's billboard. The Billboard had the golden arches logo and said "burgers?"

I stopped at the online computer game company in St. Louis where Eric Slick works. It was an interesting place. Very laid back and each office and cubical was decorated with Star Wars, Aliens, etc. whatever the occupant wanted. I got to play a new computer game (a first person shooter type in a catacomb, you zap Roman guards until they fall to their knees in conversion and kill demons) that will be out on the market next year. We had a good conversation over lunch, and Eric gave me a lot of ideas to mull over.

Monday night, after detouring to Kentucky - a navigational error, I stayed at Jack Ray's Vineyard Christian community in Cincinnati. They are doing a great job of leaning up the surrounding depressed neighborhood. They have gotten rid of the crack houses and have a cafe, food distribution, clothing give away, ... The locals are getting involved and are taking over some of the work. There is a mega-church in the area that sends people to this little group.

I arrived home on Tuesday afternoon and Terry and Mike Lilley helped me unload the materials in my back garage. We stacked everything neatly and got a good inventory count. 

Most of the Akron Group got together for a "Thanksgiving in August" dinner that evening. We went through the piles of boxes and had some fun making plans. We also had a pot luck dinner around a turkey.

Some of the items will be used for promotional materials, and some need to go into the boxed games. A lot of it can be used for DR2ED.

Scott Fields has the balance of the materials, so we will work together to ship orders. 

By Joe Revesz


Friday, August 18th, 2000

CGaming's Online Store

Now you can make all your online purchases of games we review through our website.  Because of numerous user requests, we've created a Store Front where you can find exactly where to buy that hard to find Christian game.  You can also make general computer and software purchases through us since we've associated ourselves with several online stores as an affiliate.

Our greatest find was an online store specifically created to promote the latest cutting edge Christian gaming products.  The store is called the "Purple Yak" and they deserve your support.  Their success will benefit everyone in the Christian Gaming worlds, buyers, developers and distributors.

Jack Berberette, creator of the Purple Yak online store says, 

"My goal with the web site is to retail Christian Only RPG's, Trading Card Games, PC Games etc...  I feel that there is a desperate need to make these games available to young adults and parents as an alternative to the market share that I feel Satan has taken with things like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and such."

We'd looked long and hard at various online Christian bookstores and none of them offered any where near the selection that the Purple Yak offers.  We at Christian Gaming look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this gaming store.  If you haven't yet, check out their store here.  


Saturday, May 27th, 2000

E3 Odyssey

There I was at the holy grail of game developers, E3. All I could do was gape in awe at its size and splendor.  Huge 50ft blow up balloon dolls of the KISS rock band point the way into the arena promoting their new game.  Huge banners announcing the greatness of various games and gaming companies commanded my attention.  It was overwhelming.  And then I saw what everyone who has ever gone to E3 knows is the core of the gaming industry, booth babes!

They were everywhere, scantily clad, buxom broads handing out brochures, magazines, teasing you to come closer to see the game or hardware they were promoting.  I thought I was witnessing Proverbs and its warning about prostitutes.  But instead of selling their bodies, they were selling hardware and software.  Of course, it took you several moments before your attention drifted from the booth babes to the actual, all important product.  This was sex in advertising at its most blatant.  I was lucky to have escaped with my life. Here is my story.  You might want to sit down.

Click here to read the rest of Eric's harrowing experience.


Thursday, April 27th, 2000

Project X... 

We've gotten many inquiries regarding the status of this project.  I'd hoped that the next time we said anything regarding it that it'd be that we'd secured sufficient investment to begin.  Unfortunately we're not that far along yet.  When it does happen, you'll be one of the first to know (assuming you check up on us regularly).

But we thought it time to say something and let everyone know we have not given up.  It may be another year or two before we finally secure appropriate investment.  We're committed to continue looking.

In the meantime we are working on several design proposals. Since these are preliminary documents meant for the investor they will never become public.

What we are considering instead is to put up a message board where Christians interested in gaming can exchange ideas, talk about your favorite games and discuss what kinds of Christian games you'd like to see created.  Project X would be one of the topic threads.  If you like this idea, please let us know by writing us here

In the meantime we hope that you continue to use ChristianGaming as your primary location on the web for exploring gaming from a Christian context.

Eric Slick
ChristianGaming Founder

Monday, January 3rd, 2000


With our new look will come regular updates (about once each week at first).  As you can see, the next newest news bit from this one is about 6 months old.  We've been something of a "stealth" site for that time, only being advertised to friends and letting the word trickle out.  That experiment is over and we're ready to push our site as a place where Christian gamers will want to stop and visit. Here are some things you can expect to see in the coming weeks.

Survey Results: That survey we've been running has gotten enough responses so that we can report on some results.

More Reviews:  Each week we'll be posting at least one new review.  Check out the ones we have and email us suggesting what games you'd like to see reviewed in the future.  We are developing a comprehensive list of Christian games to review and by the end of this year we want to have them all up and available for reading.

Job Opportunities:  We should really call this the Charity Opportunities since we can't pay anyone anything, yet.  If you are interested in being a part of what it is we're doing, you won't want to miss checking this one out. 

Update on Project X:  We've just been letting the word trickle out there so far.  We'll bring you up-to-date on how things stand and what to expect in the near future.


Friday, July 23, 1999

Welcome to the beginning... 

Do you play games online?  Have you ever wondered if there was a great online Christian game out there you could play?   Do you ever feel some minor or major pangs of guilt when playing some of those cool secular games out there? Have you ever played an online MUD or RPG that was exciting and thrilling but wished they'd have made some room for Christians who don't feel comfortable with the pagan-like elements?

Well, we certainly have and we suspect that there are thousands of people like us out here on the Internet.  This web site and the information here is our first step toward making that a reality.  Whether you're an interested investor or an interested gamer, we would like to hear from you.  Please take a minute to answer our quick questionnaire and tell us what you think about the prospect of being able to play a high-quality online Christian game online.

We want to know if there really is a market for doing a high quality online Christian Roleplaying Game out there.  If you want to help us learn, simply click on the cross below to get started and answer our questionnaire.  Then, tell your friends about us.  If you have a web page, link to us.  You can grab a suitable web graphic here.

Also, keep an eye on us.  While currently this site is here mainly to promote interest and investment in this project, it is expected to develop into a place of information, reviews and links related to Christian gaming.  That means we'll have a new look as well.

We look forward to hearing from you,

ChristianGaming Staff